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Over a decade in business, with a proven record of being the most dependable car locksmith Jersey City for all vehicle lockouts, we’re still striving to improve. If you’re locked out of your car, we’ll get you in within minutes, and because our fully loaded van shows up within a 20-minute response time frame, you’ll never be left stranded for long. Our honest car locksmith Jersey City, NJ team can even make you a copy vehicle key right at your location, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get it done. Being reliable is our top priority, and that’s why we’re the Jersey City car locksmith everyone loves to call in tough situations.

Wisberg and Daughter Auto Locksmith Service in Jersey City

The fastest around. In fact, we’re the auto locksmith service in Jersey City that’s has been rated as the fastest and most thorough in the area. In a matter of minutes, we’ll get you in your car, and our key maker will make you replacement car keys if you need them. Unlike other auto locksmith services in Jersey City all our locksmiths are trained to even make you a new transponder key no matter the make or model of your automobile. Whether you’re locked out or you’ve lost your ignition key, there’s only one master locksmith in town that you know for certain you can count on.


Auto Locksmith Jersey



Need a New Transponder Key? Let Our Key Maker Help You.

Replacing a transponder key is something that most people find to be a hassle. In many cases, you must go to your dealership in order to have a new key fob made. However, we’re the car locksmith Jersey City that is trained to make you a new transponder, regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive. Our key maker can make you new keys on the spot, so you don’t have to go anywhere. We’re Jersey City’s top-rated local auto locksmith that can handle anything you throw at us!

Get Quick, Reliable Replacement Car Keys

Depending upon your vehicle, finding a locksmith to copy vehicle key isn’t always easy. However, we’re the car locksmith Jersey City that can provide replacement car keys for any car on the road. When you need replacement keys quickly, we’re the guys you want to call.

Lost Your Ignition Key?

Don’t sweat it! When it comes to replacing an ignition key, our local company is the auto locksmith Jersey City calls on the most. All our locksmiths are trained and equipped to provide a replacement ignition key for any make and model of car, so we will always be able to help you.


Wiseberg and Daughter Auto Locksmith Jersey

Automotive Services and FAQ

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What materials are car keys made from?

Silver nickel is the most commonly used material for keys. This material is chosen when car keys are made because it is strong and durable, it is resistant to rust and other types of damage, and reduces the risk of breakage, a common problem that many drivers experience. Some car keys used in vehicles today are made from other silver materials, but silver nickel is used most often and is certainly the best option that you can pick for quality keys.

What are switchblade car keys?

Switchblade car keys are just like regular car keys, except for their design - when they’re not in use, they fold inside of small box-like container. Many people call this a flip key. It is commonly used with a chip and transponder key in most new model vehicles. People prefer to use the switchblade key in their car because it has a cool design and is more compact than the traditional key. If you need switchblade car keys made, pick up the phone to call a quality locksmith who can make that key for you.

Why won’t my ignition key turn?

When the ignition key won’t turn over, it will not start the car. When the car won’t start, you can’t get where you need to be and that puts a big damper on the day and all of your plans! There are multiple reasons that a key won’t turn in the ignition. Is the steering wheel locked? Is the vehicle in the Park position? Is something stuck in the key or the ignition? Is the key worn out or damaged? If your key is damaged, call a locksmith who can create a new key to ensure future problems are non-existent.
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