Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Car Lockout Service

It is important to know who is knocking at your door. While closed circuit television (CCTV) technology is a bit costly, take advantage of our affordable peephole installation now. Actually, after installing our high security door locks, you can have a spy-hole installed on your front door so that you can peep outside every time a guest knocks. One advantage of a peephole over CCTV technology is that the latter relies on electricity all the time, while the former does not need power. Let technicians from Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Car Lockout Service determine the right height at which one should be fitted for you.

Is re-keying better than buying a new lock?

Buying a brand new lock for one of your doors is an excellent idea. However, the cost may be high if you have a number of doors in need of new keys. To mitigate the costs, discover intuitive re-keying services from Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Car Lockout Service. Here, our experts take the precise measurements of your key, then expertly mint a new one, probably made of higher quality metal. The service is recommended for a lock whose key has worn out or is in the verge of breaking. In doing so, we adhere to the law regulating the fabrication of new keys.

Have your safes and vaults opened by an expert

Have you lost the key to your safe? Has the key to your vault broken while trying to open it? Do not panic. Just contact Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Car Lockout Service now and have the safes and vaults opened by our knowledgeable technicians at an affordable price. The danger of trying to open the safe yourself is that you could damage the locks. Similarly, you could damage the valuables such as cash, certificates, and other documents when you use excessive force. In fact, you could cause great bodily harm if the safe contain weapons such as guns and bullets

We abide by all locks and security systems regulations

Any product designed for use by humans has to attain some minimum requirements. Locks and security systems have not been left behind. In fact, there are stringent regulations that manufacturers and suppliers of locks must meet. Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Car Lockout Service strives to abide by all regulations not only to stay out of trouble with the law, but also to guarantee you the highest quality. In addition, government agencies responsible for trade and commerce actively inspect our facilities. That is how we have managed to remain on top of our game. To learn more our products and services, call 201-293-0788 today.

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