Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith in New Brunswick NJ

Maintain your door locks for longer life

The way you treat your door locks could make or break its function. For example if you bang the doors hard, you could expose the locks to weakness, leading to accelerated drop in its strength. At Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith in New Brunswick NJ, we can conduct occasional maintenance checks on your locks at very affordable rates. As we have unrivaled expertise in the services we offer, the locks will remain in great shape for a long time. Call us as many times as you think is necessary. More importantly, do not insert foreign objects such as sticks, coins, or metal pieces.

Protect young children using high security locks

Occasionally, the wind can sway an ordinary door back and forth if it is not locked. As the door closes under pressure, it could hurt young children playing or sitting within the door-opening area, effectively causing serious injuries. In fact, cases have been reported where banging doors chopped off a child’s finger. If you want to avoid these incidences, invest in high security locks from Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith New Brunswick NJ. Our outstanding installations have spring-operated restrainers that effectively reduce the speed of closing doors. This eliminates the possibility of injuries to people, especially toddlers who have just learned to crawl.

Have your ignition switch keys worn out? Contact us now

If you have ever broken your ignition switch keys in the cylinder, you already know that the experience is very traumatizing. This is because you cannot remove the keys using your bare hands. Even if you succeed in removing the key, it still will not work, as it is broken. For this reason, contact Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith in New Brunswick NJ to safely remove the ignition switch keys. Why should you waste valuable time trying to do the job yourself while we are at your beck and call? After all, you could hurt yourself in the process.

Bring proof of ownership for vehicle key duplication services

Do you know the laws that govern the service of duplicating car keys? As a law-abiding company, Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith in New Brunswick NJ will demand one or more documents to prove that you own the car. That is the only way you can convince us that you did not steal the car. In most jurisdictions, it is a criminal offense to offer key duplication services without ascertaining ownership. In this regard, bring your car logbook when visiting our premises. If a friend or relative has sent you, let him or her write you a letter or call 201-293-0788.

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