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Locksmith Edison NJ will have Safes and vaults opened in no time

Now get your safes and vaults open in no time by Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Edison NJ. It is obvious that we would ask you about your rights to have the safe opened and would not do so unless we have proper identification. In times of sudden death and matters of settling inheritance we come across situations where we have to break into the private things of the deceased. If you need help in the matter then locksmith Edison NJ would be glad to help you regarding any issues about locked safes. In order to ensure that you don’t face any kind of problem with our staff, we send them in teams to avoid collusion.
Locksmith Edison NJ

Get duplicate transponder keys by Wisberg and Daughter Edison NJ locksmiths

Transponder keys add a lot of security to your vehicle and they are expensive systems installed by companies. The loss of your transponder key can be devastating because it is programmed to make your car start and if the transponder key along with the ignition key are not present together; your car won’t budge! So avoid any issues regarding the loss of transponder keys and get a duplicate one made as soon as you have your initial system installed. A duplicate key is programmed through a radio to function in the same way as the original.

Install window gates for added security by Locksmith Edison NJ

Window gates are good especially in rooms where kids live in. Installing window gates is no longer an issue with Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Edison NJ. We can provide you with window gates of your own choice. We also install window bars in addition to the gates so that there is no chance for entering or leaving the room through the window. While it adds security against intruders, it also keeps the kids safe should they choose to stand at the window and look at the people on the streets. If care is not taken the kid may fall out. Avoid these situations by installing your window gates and window bars today.

Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Edison NJ will work weekends

Weekend is meant for fun and frolic after you have worked hard all day long. While you are celebrating freedom from work you might realize that you have lost your keys somewhere in the club that you are sitting in with friends. You don’t need to worry about finding a locksmith on a Friday or Saturday night. Just call Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Edison NJ because we now work weekends in order to provide you with a nonstop service. Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time and realizing this fact we try to be available and accessible to you on a 24/7 basis.
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