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Lock Rekeying – Let’s Help You Save Money

People used to think the only option for them was to change their locks whenever they misplaced their keys, a roommate moved out, or they just got into a new apartment. However, our professionals at Wisberg and Daughter-Locksmith are here with a cost-effective option that allows you to keep your lock and save more money and that’s lock rekeying.

Locksmith Service In Jersey City, NJ

Replacing your lock is only necessary when you don’t like the lock anymore and you want to upgrade. If you still like the lock but you misplace a copy of the key or someone stole it and you think they will use it to get access into your house, then lock rekeying should be your best choice. Rekeying your lock helps you save money, keep your lock and get you a new set of better keys. After the process, the copy of your key that you misplaced or stolen will be useless and will not be able to open your lock anymore. If you need a professional to help you carry this out successfully, Wisberg and Daughter-Locksmith are here for you. We offer services such as deadbolt lock and door locks.

Deadbolt Lock – We Are Experts

Do you need a professional to help you install, repair or replace your deadbolt lock? Our lock rekeying experts are the best. Different types of deadbolts are available in the market. There is a single cylinder that is fixed inside the door and functions with a twist knob on the inside. While there is a keyhole outside. There is the double cylinder deadbolt that is also fixed inside the door, it has no twist knob. But it has a key cylinder inside and out, experts have said this is the most secure type of deadbolt. The keyless deadbolt is also fixed inside the door but instead of a keyhole, it has a keypad. You need a professional to help you install any of this and that’s what our professionals are trained for.

Door Locks – We Offer The Best

It takes a professional lock rekeying expert to understand that there are different locks for different purposes and different security needs, figuring this out will make the process of lock selection very easy. Some locks are suitable for interior doors, some are good for windows while some are best for doors. If you are having issues selecting door locks for your house, you should hire a professional and that’s why we are here. We are trained to help you handle every process from lock selection to installation and finishing. Whether it’s high-security locks, smart locks, biometric locks, keypad locks, and so on. We can help you with it whenever you want.

Locks Replacement – Get In Touch With Us

At some point, you will need to replace your lock because even the strongest and most secure lock Is bound to wear out at some point. If you feel that your lock is aged, damaged, or just needs an upgrade, then it’s time for a change. Our lock replacement expert will then get to work and help you take control of everything. We will start by helping you remove the old locks without damaging your door. Then we will help you select the best lock that will be an upgrade on the old one. Finally we will help you install it. There is no kind of lock that we can not get for you, so you don’t have to worry.

Master Key System – Extra Security

Gone are the days when you will have to keep carrying a large number of keys all around because you have several rooms in your house. However, technology has taken over and it does not matter the number of rooms in your apartment, when you install the master key system, you will be able to access all the rooms with just a key. This kind of lock system improves your home security and still offers extra convenience. There will be a key for every room, but in case a key programmed to a particular room gets stolen, you can access that room with the master key. Our lock rekeying expert can help you install this if you want it.

24/7 Lock Service

Our professionals are available round the clock to give solutions to all your home lock issues. We understand that you may need help at any time of the day whether day or night and that’s why you will always have a team that will come attend to you wherever you are. Whether you need a lock repair, lock rekeying, or even lock replacement, we are always available for you.

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